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Creative Virtual Event (CVE)

is a full-service virtual conference experience. It’s not just software — it’s support too — before, during, and after your virtual event.

Please see our overview below, then request a demo for an example of one of our virtual event sites.

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Your CVE Website

begins as a brochure to sell the event to attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, then becomes the event venue itself, and finally becomes a content archive following the event.

Theming and customizing the look and feel is part of what we do — the template for the site is styled and tailored for your branding and experience needs.

We work with your events team to understand your event brand and to create enticing key art for your virtual event. The idea is to sell this conference to a much broader audience than ever before: anyone can attend from anywhere!

An Interactive, Content-Rich Experience

We work with you and your events team to produce a creative, content-rich, interactive event. This includes:

  • Professionally Recorded Education Sessions
  • Interactive Feedback Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Exhibitor Spaces
  • Networking Events

All of the above are designed specifically for virtual events, so sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees get as much, or even more, from your virtual event, making it every bit as collaborative and successful as an in-person event would be.

Video Pre-Production

Speakers will receive a package with instructions on how to record their presentation, including camera, microphone, lighting, and slide advancer.

Speaker videos are then recorded digitally before the event, along with their corresponding slideshow presentations. Speakers control their slide decks with the slide advancer while simultaneously recording themselves on camera.

Before the Event

Interaction begins as soon as a ticket is purchased:

  • Virtual Meeting Guide: Some of your attendees may never have attended a live event before, much less a virtual one!  This is a video walkthrough that shows the user what to expect and how to use the site.
  • Schedule: A “jumping-off” point for the content in the live event. The traditional daily plan of event times is brought to life with each session having its own page linked from the schedule.
  • Registration: Explains options for each category of registration, and provides handoff to commerce system (your AMS). Following registration, attendees may:
    • Watch preview of the keynote speaker.  Ask the speaker a question.
    • Update profile, start connecting with other attendees by reviewing profiles from the social page and adding comments.
    • Sponsorship pages available from the start to allow sponsors to engage with attendees.

Education Sessions Videos

Pre-recorded video footage of speakers is edited together with the speaker’s slide deck and other graphics, titles, and motion graphics to produce a polished, professional end result.

These sessions will appear for registered attendees on the day of the event at preset times from the schedule, just as they would with a live conference.

During the Event — Education

The virtual event’s promo site is the event venue. A conference hall in your browser, and we are the virtual support staff!

Live sessions:
  • Each session has a dedicated webpage for content related to that session.
  • A comments section providing great interaction between attendees and speakers.
  • Rate the session afterwards, and give specific feedback.
  • Behind the scenes — a LIVE EDITOR coordinating handoffs to a live video Q&A session after pre-recorded content ends.
Education section: track learning hours earned and maintain certifications
  • Require that users participate in order for them to be awarded CEU credits for attending.
Video Control Studio

Live Q&A and Feedback

Our service enables the engagement and discourse of a live event. Speakers will appear following their taped presentations with a live editor coordinating handoffs to interactive Q&A sessions.

Each pre-recorded speaker session has its own dedicated webpage to host the presentation itself, with its Q&A session, plus follow-up ratings/surveys, all within the same web page for smooth transitions and a polished experience for attendees.

During the Event — Exhibitors & Sponsors

Sponsor pages: a virtual booth experience
  • Sponsors are given the opportunity to provide information for their own page on the event venue site.
  • Content Curation: event hosts can offer professional production services as part of sponsorship package — use our service to make virtual booth content top-tier.
Exhibitor Spaces
  • Exhibitors have their own virtual booth, a page to display and promote their products or services.
  • Exhibitors may keep “office hours” during the event via Zoom, for direct interaction with attendees.

Expo Hall and Sponsorships

We provide sponsors and exhibitors direct interactions with attendees, lead capturing, and testimonials.

Virtual booths may include video, graphics, promotional copy, and other extras. For a walk-up experience, representatives host a Zoom session within their web page, which attendees can join at any time during exhibition hours.

During the Event — Networking

Attendees start connecting with one another as soon as they register. We can help you create virtual social experiences that are memorable and have lasting impressions. Interactive networking events like live wine tastings with experts, contests, and video demos can be a feature of your event.

Social & Networking Opportunities:
  • Attendees list — see who else is at the conference and correspond with them on the site.
  • Napa Wine Tasting Virtual Happy Hour, with a chance to spend two nights at the Auberge du Soleil.

Interactive Social Events

Join your peers online for exclusive networking events!

In one such happy hour event, registrants receive four bottles of wine from wineries in Napa Valley and a cheese tray for two; they are then taken on a guided virtual tour of Napa by a famous chef and wine enthusiast. The party is then quizzed over live chat and the first guest to answer three questions correctly gets a $200 Wegmans Wine Cellar spending spree and two nights’ stay at Napa’s Auberge du Soleil.

Other such events may include interactive trivia games, exercise programs, and many other possibilities.

After the Event

Don’t stop selling tickets! The site’s content remains valuable into next year’s event. Let everyone use the site to continue to connect, and to access your event’s content on an ongoing basis.

  • On-Demand Video: Content is archived and still exclusive — sell it! Attendees can also return and rewatch videos.
  • Comments can be kept open for ongoing discussions (or not). You can continue to track engagement as long as you want.
  • Product Demos can be continued year-round, and can be sold as such.

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