Exhibitors & Sponsors

Virtual Expo

Exhibitors and sponsors are crucial to your event — and they shouldn’t go away just because you’re moving to a virtual format.

In fact, quite the opposite.

More Attendee Interaction

Thanks to zero travel time and expense, attendance for online events is typically much higher than in-person events.

Also, in a virtual setting, your exhibitors and sponsors have the opportunity to be in front of attendees the instant the event site is live. Even after your event is over, the event portal can be used for continued exposure well into the future.

Less Staff, More Reach

At a virtual event with recorded content, there’s more structure, meaning your sponsors will receive the bulk of their traffic during specific windows of time throughout the day. This means they don’t always need virtual staff on hand — a benefit that saves them time and, oftentimes, money.

Innovative Sponsorship Options

CVE offers unique sponsorship opportunities and “experiences,” designed specifically for online events.

Some examples include sponsored sessions, contests, virtual happy hours, email marketing campaigns, professionally recorded video content, and hosted networking events.

The Exhibitor Experience

  • Exhibitors will have their own virtual booth — a page on the event platform where they can display and promote their products or services. Virtual booths may include video, graphics, promotional copy, and other “extras.”
  • For direct interaction with attendees, exhibitors can keep “office hours” during the event via Zoom or make one of their employees virtually available while attendees are browsing the online exhibit hall.

The Sponsor Experience

CVE is designed to incorporate customized sponsorships at different levels.

All event sponsors:

  • Are ranked by their sponsorship level in an online directory, making it easy for attendees to find the sponsor or exhibit they want to visit
  • Have the opportunity to host interactive networking opportunities during the virtual event
  • Can be granted dedicated space on the CVE platform to connect with meeting attendees and spread the word about their offerings

Suggested Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Levels Chart

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