Are you a full service or a self-serve company?

We are a full-service provider. We handle everything, including building your event page, creating your pre-recorded content, and all of the tech support — before, during, and even after your event is wrapped.

How do you professionally record content?

We work directly with your exhibitors and speakers to produce the professionally recorded content for your event. Most of the content can be created remotely with a special recording kit that is shipped to the client. The recording process is carefully guided by our production team and then edited for approval. When the programming is more sophisticated (requiring more production value), we script the production and will travel as necessary. We also support all of your video content needs with our library of stock footage and images, sources from the client, music, visual effects, and titles.

What kind of technology do I need to run a virtual event?

CVE runs on the cloud, so you and your participants don’t need to install software to access the online conference. All you need is a standard web browser and a stable internet connection.

Can the presentations be archived for on-demand viewing?

Yes. All of your pre-recorded content can be saved and viewed at any time — a smart solution for long-term monetization and engagement.

Can the virtual audience ask questions?

Absolutely. Virtual audience members can ask a question at any time through the chat function. Although pre-recorded, the presenter can be available to view and answer questions directly or through a moderator.

Can virtual attendees receive certification?

Yes. We can provide a system that allows virtual attendees to take their tests, fill out their evaluations, and receive their certification. If you have your own system for issuing tests and providing certification, we can integrate that process into your individual event for a seamless user experience.

Is the service mobile compatible?

Yes. Your event website will be built with mobile compatibility in mind, so attendees can access your event and all of the virtual presentations on their smartphones or tablets.

Does this integrate with my AMS?

Yes. Through your AMS’s API, ISG can create the SSO.

Can we have exhibitors?

Yes. Exhibitors can have a customizable virtual “booth” where they can engage directly with attendees, host demonstrations, showcase photos and videos, and provide educational information about their products and services.

Can we have sponsors?

Yes. CVE is designed to incorporate sponsorships at every level. We can add sponsor logos and links directly to the event page and/or during the recorded presentations. We can also run promotional video at any time throughout the event and sponsors have the opportunity to host interactive networking opportunities. (See below.)

Can we offer networking opportunities?

We understand the importance of networking at in-person events, so we’ve created a platform that allows for virtual networking and engagement opportunities before, during, and after your event.

Should attendee pricing be different for a virtual event?

Not necessarily. We believe a virtual event provides attendees with as much, if not more, value than an in-person event through on-demand content, virtual networking, and long-term engagement opportunities. Plus, there’s no travel involved — a huge money saver.

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