The CVE Solution

We believe events should educate and entertain.

We deliver:

  • The best of both worlds
    By combining premium video content with live, real-time user engagement and Q&As.
  • Increased engagement
    We populate your event website with session previews, exhibitor teasers, and sponsor showcases — all on the day you announce your event. During your event, attendees can engage with sponsors and exhibitors through Q&As, small group sessions, educational seminars, and virtual meetups.
  • Viral networking at its best
    Attendees start connecting with one another as soon as they register. We can help you create virtual social experiences (think live wine tastings, contests, and video demos) that are memorable and have lasting impressions.
  • A streamlined attendee experience
    Our user-friendly platform is designed to deliver an experience similar to the most popular streaming services and social networks.
  • Long-term monetization
    By measuring engagement and recommending expanded viewing schedules for your participants, we can monetize your event long after it’s over. We’ll also go on-demand with certain segments of your content after your “live event” dates.
  • Certification from home
    We track user activity that can be used to issue CEUs for certification programs. We’re not an LMS, but we can feed data into yours.

Our Process

  1. Experience a live demo together and discuss your individual event needs.
  2. Understand the virtual experience together. We’ll discuss advantages, limitations, and how we can create an event that works for your members and brings your vision to life.
  3. Consultant agreement. We’ll complete a full virtual event scope and budget with you.
  4. Get started!

Interested in learning more about the CVE platform?

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your project, your goals, and your events.

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